Our Name

Our name, Keint-he Winery & Vineyards, is derived from a native word. Keint-he was the name of one of the four Seneca villages in this part of eastern Ontario. The Senecas were one of the five tribes of the Iroquois. The word Keint-he was later francocized into, Quinte and used in English names such as, the Bay of Quinte.

Our Label

The painting used on our label is called, Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior. The piece was done by Canadian artist, Frances Anne Hopkins (1838 – 1919). Below is some context and interpretation for the painting. While Hopkins was in England she worked on her sketches and memories of Canada in a studio where the majority of her paintings were in oil and watercolour. Hopkins experiences were documented in sketchbooks at the time of her travels and are the major subject of her paintings. Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior is a beautiful painting and is an image of tranquillity in the backwoods of nature, as the Canoes disappear into the fog. Hopkins combines realistic clear detail with a lyrical passionate style inspired by her love of nature. Hopkins painted herself and her husband in the center of the nearest canoe and she is holding a sketchbook in Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior. She placed herself in the painting to represent a memory of when she was in that canoe on Lake Superior. Hopkins had chosen the viewpoint of the canoe as if she was traveling behind in another Canoe (possible the canoe could mean traveling along her past experiences). Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior by Hopkins presents three North canoes entering the mist. North canoes were used by fur traders and were about twenty-five feet long and had a crew of eight or nine. Frances Anne Hopkins contribution to Canadian history was accurately capturing on canvas the country’s first major cargo transportation system and the type of people who traveled on it. Her work is described as a historical illustration rather than high art. Hopkins skillfully captured a practice of transporting pelts by canoe which was being replaced by the industrial railways. Many contemporary critics find the painting interesting because of the canoes used were the types of canoes used in the original fur trading. Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior portrays three canoes drifting in a diagonal line away from the observer. The ripples in the water behind the canoe suggest that the canoe is moving through the still water. The fog and surrounding water of Lake Superior seems to be absorbing the canoes as to represent an adventure into the unknown. The two canoes ahead have disappeared and the third canoe has a portion of it disappearing as it enters into the mist. In the summer, fog is common along the north and east shores of the lake and the fog dissolves in the morning sunlight (allowing more realism to Hopkins painting).

Our Vineyards

Ever aware of the Burgundian vineyards we are trying to emulate, all of our vineyards were selected based on soil type, topography and sun exposure. These subtle differences are partly responsible for creating fruit that results in wine with superior style and quality. For this reason, we have four distinct satellite vineyards, each with their own unique personalities and characteristics. biglake Big Lake Vineyard: Big Lake vineyard is located at our winery: 49 Hubbs Creek Rd. This vineyard consists of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Melone de Bourgogne. The terroir is Brighton gravely sand and 8′ by 3′ spacing. Fronting on Lake Ontario (a Big Lake), the vines benefit from the cool breeze coming off the lake. Planted in 2007. littlecreek Little Creek Vineyard: Little Creek is actually made up of two vineyards separated by a small woods and a creek … Little Creek. Both north and south sections are used to grow Pinot Noir.The terroir is Hillier clay loam with 8′ by 3′ plantings on both northern and southern slopes. The vines at Little Creek are the second oldest planting in Prince Edward County (planted in 1997). foxtail Foxtail Vineyard: Foxtail is home to a number of different grape varietals, including Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, St. Laurent and Pinot Gris. The terroir is Hillier clay loam with 8′ by 3′ spacing. The bulk of these vines were planted in 1999.

Our Winery

Keint-he’s winery and tasting room are located at: Keint-he Winery & Vineyards 49 Hubbs Creek Rd. Wellington, ON K0K 3L0 (613) 399-5308 Hours of Operation: April to November Open 7 days a week – 11 am – 6 pm. December to March – Open weekends from 11 am – 5 pm, other times by appointment. Winery Winery2 With views of the vineyard and Lake Ontario as a backdrop, it’s easy to unwind and soak up the County on our patio. Or have a seat at the harvest table and take in it’s rustic charm while drinking well crafted, Burgundian style wine in our Canadiana inspired tasting room.

Our Approach

barrelsAt Keint-he our goal is to produce domestic Pinot Noir that has international character. Unlike many grape producers, at Keint-he we like to think of our vineyards as a habitat for our vines. Our Pinot grapes prosper in harmony with their environment, not in spite of it. We’ve applied the Burgundian model of viticulture to the County microclimate. That means that the 28 acres of vines that we have planted now, will never exceed 35 acres. We believe in high density planting. Despite the lower yields, the quality of the fruit translates into wine that is interesting, enjoyable and balanced. We keep our fingers on the vineyards pulse by doing all of our work with the vines by hand. This way each vine, cluster and grape gets the hands on attention that is needed to produce the superior fruit required to make superior wine.

Our Team

The core team at Keint-he Winery and Vineyards consists of; Ron Rogers, Ross Wise and Bryan Rogers. BRYAN ROGERS After obtaining masters degrees in both the sciences and the arts, Bryan worked in the media and film industries before tackling his role as general manager at Keint-he. Bryan is also the one who peddles our wares.   ROSS WISE Ross joined the team at Keint-he as both winemaker and vineyard manager in December of 2012. Ross comes to us from New Zealand, by way of Niagara. He has a passion for terroir driven, cool climate wines, and has a special place in his heart for Pinot Noir. With a Bachelor of Viticulture (Charles Stuart University) and an Advanced Diploma in Oenology (Hawkes Bay), Ross has had the honour of working with wineries such as Felton Road Winery in New Zealand (internationally famous for their Pinot Noirs), and Grove Mill, in Marlborough, one of the most notable Pinot regions on earth. Ever curious and looking to explore, Ross left the southern hemisphere to come to Canada. In Niagara he worked his magic at a number of different wineries, including Flat Rock Cellars and The Good Earth. We’re positive that you’ll enjoy the way Ross embraces and expresses the terroirs of Prince Edward County in our wines.     RON ROGERS Ron is a retired banker with over 35 years experience in the financial sector. Ron has had a passion for wine his whole life. After retiring he wanted to cross apply his business skills in an entirely different arena. Due to his love of premium wine; viticulture and oenology seemed a natural fit. Ron       “Wine in itself is an excellent thing.” Pope Pius XII Airen