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Week of Jun 5th

  • Lake and Vine Market

    Lake and Vine Market

    June 9, 2023

    Enjoy local county favourites at the Lake and Vine Market! How better to spend your evening than meeting some local artisan makers, sipping some amazing wines, and shopping while enjoying the lake view! This diverse group of talented artists is sure to have what you're looking for. 


    Who to Expect:

    Rosie Young Design Studio

    BJ Sewing and Embroidery

    Hickory Hill Forest Farm

    Soul Craft - The Tiny Craft Box

    Crafted on the Hill

    Craigs Estate Crafting Co.

    Randees Bees

    The County Homestead

    Inspired Sense

    Out of the Woods

    Leahs Knitting Co.

    Dose Clothing

  • Little Stage at Keint-he - Greg Hinde

    Little Stage at Keint-he - Greg Hinde

    June 10, 2023

    Unwind after a long day of enjoying incredible wines with live music by local artist, Greg Hinde!