The Keint-he Approach

Keint-he approach

At Keint-he our goal is to produce domestic Pinot Noir that has international character. Unlike many grape producers, at Keint-he we like to think of our vineyards as a habitat for our vines. Our Pinot grapes prosper in harmony with their environment, not in spite of it. We’ve applied the Burgundian model of viticulture to the County microclimate. That means that the 28 acres of vines that we have planted now, will never exceed 35 acres. We believe in high density planting. Despite the lower yields, the quality of the fruit translates into wine that is interesting, enjoyable and balanced. We keep our fingers on the vineyards pulse by doing all of our work with the vines by hand. This way each vine, cluster and grape gets the hands on attention that is needed to produce the superior fruit required to make superior wine.

“Wine in itself is an excellent thing.”

– Pope Pius XII Airen